Monday, 19 April 2010

Taranaki.New Zealand
last day.botswana



back in the swing of things.

Today i went through the sketchbook i took around the world with me. It was my best and worst friend on my trip. At the beginning it would taunt me with its pretty white (blank) pages. On good days it invited me to put my mark on it. Those were the days i was in love with the place i was in. Whether it was a grotty side street in Delhi, standing next to a tuc-tuc driver sleeping, while the rest of world passes him by, or on an idyllic beach with white sands that glide between your toes. I went on a 7 month trip to 8 countries. Each country as diverse as the next. these places have weaved their way into my work. pattern, colour, wildlife, nature, people........ well its time to get technical and back into the 21st century. I hope these images give you and idea of my experience!