Wednesday, 1 September 2010

60 minutes.

Work at the moment is very dull. So at any opportunity to explore or feel the sun on my face i jump at it! Today i felt like having a browse on YCN (Young Creative Network) online. They always have really interesting work on there. The Angency section is pretty cool as all you have to do is send them your work by email and they will make a profile of your work. Great way to get your work spotted! This Brightened my day!!! There were so many talented people on there but here are a couple that stood out for me..........BRYONY BIRKBECK  The only way to describe her work is as girly and intricate. Just beautiful 3D collage. 

Image by Christina Hagerfor
Another is Christina Hagerfor's work. She has an amazing eye for colour. Her work is playful and sophisticated in use of colour and texture. Look out for the image with the hot air balloon in the background. Think it is my favourite image of the day. she is also on YCN

I just thought i would share something that really got my creative juices flowing.