Tuesday, 31 August 2010

so what's been happening?

Well I haven't been on here for so long. You know what it's like........ Full time job, temping for a pensions company. You get sucked into the monotonous everyday of office life. That has to change today! (before i go insane) My hands feel restless........ just typing and answering phones is not fulfilling their potential. So today at 17:00 i clocked off. I came home and sat in front of my desk. Just staring for what felt like forever. So intimidated by this blank page in front of me. I felt like shouting at it, "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!", "I'LL DRAW ALL OVER YOU!!!", then felt slightly silly as these thoughts were running through my mind. HA HA how can i draw all over you? I have no idea where to start. So i started flicking through the fashion bible that is VOGUE. The Images always inspire me. Those editorial Poses the models strike. All angle and bone. The shadows. The beautiful clothes. THE SHOES!!!! so before i know it i have my water colours out and I'm dashing colour onto the page. already i feel this huge weight lifted. You're not so white anymore, are you?!
I know i must sound mad, but the last few weeks of phones ringing and staring at a screen all day have almost sent me potty.

So today is the start! the start of me finding a career doing something i LOVE!