Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Getting started is always scary.

So I have been pretty quiet lately...I guess life has just got in the way a bit. Well that should all change now as I have thrown the towel in at the old day job and I am now focusing one hundred percent on my illustration work.

What better way to spend my first day of this new adventure than to do an illustration of a band called Bear Driver, who played at the Brainlove Festival in Brixton.

What do you think? i'm not sure this will be my final image but it's a start.......


  1. Hi Michelle, I love love love LOVE your illustrations of us playing Brainlovefest. I'd love to have copies! :)Can I email/facebook you or something....?
    Cassie (Bear)

  2. hello! I have email and twitter. My email is shelly_sa@msn.com (I have had that email since i was sixteen and refuse to change it. haha) Well I have actually done a few so let me know and i'll send you a few copies. Glad you liked the illustration!