Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Who ever said it was easy?

So, It's been around two months since I packed in the the day job and decided to really give freelance illustration a go. This was a huge decision, as reality kicks in and you realise that you are completely relying on yourself. There will be no guaranteed wage at the end of the month. You only get paid if you manage to get work.... Who ever said that it's easy, well, they were lying!

It's a slow process of building up a portfolio with a variety of subject matter. At the end of the day you want to show that you can do 'anything'. Right? I have been trying to get more editorial illustration in my portfolio, as these types of work tend to be small quick jobs that can just cover gaps between bigger commissions. (you get some pocket money!) 

My biggest obstacle is trying to figure out who I need to contact and where to send my work to. Also having the confidence to get in contact with the various publishers etc. I think I have improved confidence wise, but at the same time freelancing can be a lonely process. You need those good old days of the studio crits you had at university, just to get a different perspective on your work. I am currently trying to get illustrators and designers in the Cambridge (every where really!) area to just start a community, whether its a monthly catch up where we can have a coffee and just talk about what everyone is up to, or just get together and network. 

This next month has a few things lined up (fingers crossed). As hard as it's been, so far I don't regret my decision! it's been the freedom i needed to really explore different creative routes and just take each day as it comes. I feel rather excited about the future.

 I would love to hear what all you illustrators / creatives are doing at the moment. How are you finding freelancing? Tips? Ideas? anything! Lets get talking!

M x

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